CHRISTIE SHINN is a North Shore artist with a passion for Hawaii, surf, art and design. With a bright, graphic style, SHINN documents daily life in Hawaii through her work.  She steers clear of the familiar postcard imagery and, instead, focusses on smaller moments that are telling of the larger experience. Her fine art and commercial projects are unified in both style and theme; Shinn is continually expanding her hand-painted world at the intersection of modern Hawaii and surf culture. She hopes to contribute to a new era of modern Hawaiiana and surf art that respects the history of the genres while re-imagining the landscape for a new audience.

Most recently, she has collaborated with HAVIANNAS, LESPORTSAC, VANS and VANS TRIPLE CROWN OF SURFING.


coming April 2018 – HAVIANNAS COLLABORATION ARTIST, designer for signature shoe series

August 2017 – GREENROOM HAWAII FESTIVAL, participating artist, Honolulu, Hawaii

September 2017 – LESPORTSAC x CHRISTIE SHINN, designer handbag series

April 2017- TROPICANA x WANDERLUST HAWAII, mural artist, Hawaii

June 2016 – GREENROOM FESTIVAL, participating artist, Yokohama, Japan

June 2016 – VANS COLLABORATION ARTIST, signature shoe, Japan

May 2016 – ALOHA MARKET FESTIVAL, poster and featured artist, Japan

March 2016 – D9 BREWERY, label artist, North Carolina

January 2016 – ISLAND DAZE CAPSULE COLLECTION, artist and designer, Hawaii

August 2015 – PARTNERS MAGAZINE, cover, Japan

March 2015 – HAWAII LUXURY MAGAZINE, article, Hawaii

March 2015 – WOMENS PIPELINE PRO, poster artist, North Shore, HI

Jan 2015 – NORTH SHORE SOAP FACTORY, collaboration artist, Wailua HI

Dec 2014 – WYLAND GALLERIES, ‘9th Annual Surf Art Show’, Haleiwa, HI

Nov 2014 – ABSOLUT VODKA, ‘Masterpiece Featured Artist’, North Shore HI

June 2014 – VANS collaboration artist, Japan

Jan 2014 – HARDCORE MAGAZINE, featured artist

Dec 2013 – WYLAND GALLERIES, ’8th Annual Surf Art Show’, Haleiwa, HI

Dec 2013 – FREESURF MAGAZINE, Cover and featured artist

Nov 2013 – GREENROOM HAWAII, ‘Driftwood’ collaboration art show with Kat Reeder, Honolulu HI

Oct 2013 – VANS TRIPLE CROWN OF SURFING, poster designer/merchandise designer, featured artist

Dec 2013- WYLAND GALLERIES, ’7th Annual Surf Art Show’, Haleiwa HI

May 2012 – GREENROOM FESTIVAL, attending artist, Yokohama, Japan

Mar 2012 – DRAGON ALLIANCE, freelance goggle designer

Dec 2011 – WYLAND GALLERIES, ’6th Annual Surf Art Show’, Haleiwa HI

Nov 2011 – GREENROOM HAWAII, ‘Those Who Wander’ solo show, Honolulu HI


July 2011 – J-WAVE RADIO -COLORS OF HAWAII, radio interview

July 2011 – HALEIWA ARTS FESTIVAL, t-shirt designer, Haleiwa HI

Dec 2010 – WYLAND GALLERIES, ’6th Annual Surf Art Show’, Haleiwa HI

March 2010 – VANS WOMEN’S TRIPLE CROWN OF SURFING, poster artist

Dec 2009 – WYLAND GALLERIES, ’5th Annual Surf Art Show’, Haleiwa HI

Sept 2009 – SLEEPING GIANT GALLERY – group exhibit, Toronto CA

June 2009 – SBC SURF MAGAZINE, featured artist article

Aug 2009 – FOAM MAGAZINE, article

Dec 2008 – VANS TRIPLE CROWN OF SURFING, merchandise designer





photo(72)C shinn photo cred Rob Fatal