It was a bit of a shock, the morning my friend walked up and handed me the latest issue of FREESURF MAGAZINE.  I had no idea my art was going to be on the cover!  I’ve been reading Freesurf forever so it was pretty special, especially since I had no idea until I was holding a copy in my hands!  Getting the cover is a long shot to achieve as a surfer let alone a Canadian artist.  It’s funny, I get asked a lot if people back in Canada ‘get’ how huge the Triple Crown is and what an honour it is to have been chosen.  I can’t say for sure if my friends and family back home really knew that it was, but the one thing everyone knows: the cover of a magazine is a big deal.  Of everything I have to be excited about this year, sending a copy of Freesurf to my parents was one of the proudest moments of my winter, and probably my life.