It was a lot of effort getting ready for this, my first real solo show.  Filling an entire gallery is a large feat for an artist whose work isn’t the ‘pump it out’ type.  I was overwhelmed for all 2 months leading up to the show, but once it was hung (special thanks to all the gallery helpers and Andy Charuk) it was a big relief!  Because Greenroom Hawaii is teh greatest gallery in the world, the live dj had customized his music to the themes in the show, the food was fantastic and the alcohol was plentiful.  Team Aloha Street showed up as well as members of J-Wave radio from Japan.  The whole event was on a live feed to several sites in Japan and documented well by the 9th Wave Online Gallery.

Below are some pics from the show, thanks again to everyone who showed up! 

wander show greenroom hawaii shinn studio north shore surf

those who wander nov 2011

wander show greenroom hawaii shinn studio

wander show greenroom hawaii shinn studio christie shinn north shore

wander show greenroom hawaii north shore shinn studio

wander show 2 greenroom hawaii shinn studio