‘COCONUT STREET’ This piece is a self-portrait. A memory of the day I first got to ride my Dick Brewer surfboard. Walking past this wall of greenery on the way to the surf, I bowed to go under the coconut tree without hitting my head. Then I noticed that they built the sidewalk around it’s trunk so it must be an old tree for its size. I thought about all the people over the years who also bowed their heads to walk down this street and that made me smile.


This open edition digital print is created on heavyweight (100pt) art paper, using professional fade-resistant laser technology. The fine art laser print creates beautiful, rich colors that are unmatched by pigment based printing systems. It also holds up against fading and moisture damage in a way that has previously not been possible with fine art printing. In person, these prints have beautiful, rich, vibrant colors that will be enjoyed for years.


This 7” x 9” print is matted in white (with white core). The outside dimension (what size frame it will fit) is a standard 11” x 14”. The print is attached lightly to the matt so if you decide to switch matts in the future, you can transfer the print.


All of our matted prints are wrapped in luxuriously thick clear cello envelop that protects the print against dust, scratches or marks during shipping. It also creates a clean presentation, perfect for gift giving. All packages sent by mail are packaged in double thick cardboard on both sides of the print, with a 2” minimum “crush zone”. So far, no print has ever arrived damaged when packaged this way.

Print dimensions (inside): 7” x 9”

Mat dimensions (outside): 11” x 14”

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