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This gallery quality Giclee is printed on 100% cotton canvas that has been primed and coated especially for the giclee process.  The canvas print is then coated with a water-based top coat (varnish) to protect your print. Giclée art prints are not the same as ‘canvas prints’ that are now widely available.  The Giclée print quality is visually superior to other methods of printing on canvas. 

The dyes used by a giclee printer are sprayed in a very fine mist giving fantastic saturation, stunning detail and the absolute best in colour reproduction.   The number of inks used is into much higher than in other printing methods, and are of archival quality.  As well, the media used has been specially selected to pass independent, third-party testing of color fastness.  

Shinn Studio prints use pigmented ink on canvas with a print life of 80-100+ years with no noticeable fade (under proper storage/display conditions).